1. Running in the winter really sucks haha


  2. Just when xc couldn’t get any more exciting…Arizona had to add in casual coyotes…whatever.

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  3. I’m getting antsy. I want to start training again, but I know I really shouldn’t yet. F u Off season.



  5. So does anybody else’s ask box not work?



  7. 16:56 waddup

    Districts was today.. And as you can tell by the title, I broke 17! Yes, I did it. I dropped 33 seconds from my 17:29 at leagues and I frickin broke 17! This is honestly just the best feeling in the world. I have never run faster in my life. This gives me so much hope and excitement for my track season and also my cross country season next year. I couldn’t be more happy.


  8. Districts in 2 days.. I can feel the nerves already


  9. So I was casually stalking people on Milesplit and I found this kid who went from 17:05 last year…. To 15:41. Somebody hold me